A bit aboutTinks Golden Girls

Tinks Golden Girls was founded by Tianna Gresham (Tink) o March 31st 2019. Tinks Golden Girls is an official nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower girls in the surrounding communities. With the goal of coming together as one, the hope is to create a strong sisterhood with great longevity. The group serves girls ages (7-17). Tinks Golden Girls provides opportunities to the girls to participate in many different activities, events, and outings. This organization is active throughout the year. Key sessions will be available to assist in the empowerment of the girls.Some of these sessions include discussion on hygiene, self-esteem, friendships, stranger danger, bullying, etiquette and many other important topics catered to the girls. It’s time to take our girls seriously and Tinks Golden Girls true mission and vision is dedicated to impacting the lives of young girls and empower them to greatness.

All donations can be sent through zelle or cashapp to tinksgoldenngirls@gmail.com. Thank you all for the support